Detox Just to Retox

I am getting outrageous tonight. I think that means I have to amp up my Dirty Grunge Hippie apparel style to Glamorous Hobo. It’s not intentional but I am just drawn to hideous vintage t-shirts and things with holes in them. And wearing bandannas. I have a lot of bandannas. They have their own shelf in my room, the bandannas. (I think they’re watching right now. They always watch. I should stop talking about them.)

Also, fun fact: every single time I typed that I wrote “bananas” and had to fix it. Good.

So today is a Friday, which means I’m getting sliizzzarrrd. And then tomorrow is my college’s Homecoming Football Game of Touchdowns and Excitement! Basically it’s going to be a good weekend.

Sparkly weekend excitement.

Detox just to retox, right?




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