Torrid Love Affair (With Things That Cover Your Face)

I love makeup. A lot. We have the kind of relationship where, every month or so, we have a torrid fling, and then we settle into a comfortable pattern until the next bout of passion…explodes on my face. (I had to go there.) Seriously though. What I do is I find some style of makeup, wear it all excitedly (that would be the “passion” portion) and then keep doing that for a few weeks, until I find something new. I usually cycle back and forth between a smokey gray-silver-black and a bronze smokey eye (I’m like the opposite of Forest Fire Bear or whatever. All about le smoke).

But after seeing pictures of Lindsey Wixton, who is a model with a really unique face, I think I might have to bring back the old Doll-Pretty standby: dark lids, rosy cheeks, pink-red lips. I mean, look:

Show-stopping. I’m no model, but hullo, prettiness. It’s not very fall-y but who gives a rat’s anything. Torrid love affair, here we go (I know you’ll always take me back, Bronzey).


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