So I love Taylor Swift. I play her music 90% of the time and hum it or sing it the other 10%. (Not really. But I listen to it/hum it a lot, mmkay?) Her songs are just simple and pretty and the lyrics–it sounds so beyond corny, but it’s true–fit my life and my hickish background so well.

Plus, her hair:

And her makeup:

And pretty much just her style in general:

In case you hadn’t noticed, this is a rah-rah I ❤ Swifty post. And I know it’s probably totally gag-worthy for non-fans, but I love  Tay-Tay, and her music means a lot to me. And if I were her, I’d be stoked to see some random girl waste a good twenty minutes writing about how awesome she is. Everyone likes to be told they’re awesome, right?

Also, not gonna lie, this post was totally prompted because whenever a certain Guy smiles at me, I can hear parts of, “Mine,” playing.

“Do you remember, we were sittin’ there, by the water?
You put your arm around me for the fist time
You made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter
You are the best thing that’s ever been mine…”


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