Save the Happy Trail!

Waxing is in. And it’s not just with the ladies. Even brosephs–especially brosephs, actually–are  breaking out the hair-removal products. I was in a boys’ suite the other day and noticed a box of Parissa wax strips in the trash, so I know it’s real-life true and not just in-Abercrombie-ads true.

I mean, just look at Corey Saucier (really? Really? He can’t help his last name, but A & F can help stamping it right over his package and making me think of truly awful puns to put in this blog) here. There are a good two inches of below-belly-button skin showing, and not a hair in sight from his Ken-smooth chest to the Dick Zone. Which is fine; I mean, I’m not going to pretend like Abercrombie models aren’t attractive.

But in all total one-hundred-percent seriousness…I prefer me some happy trail. Not, not, not, not, not some crazy-hairy man stomach that looks like Steve Carrel in the “before” scene of The 40-Year-Old-Virgin, but just a sexy little line of hair. I think that’s because I just like hairy guys in general. Stubble and/or stubbly-like beard? YES PLEASE. And non-hairy legs/shaved chest/weirdly missing armpit hair? NO THANK YOU.

Case and point.

Now people are going to think I’m a furry or something, or that I like fat hairy dudes with body-pubes covering their massive backs. Except that my readership of zero (HI GUYS!) would never be so harsh and judgemental. Long story short: a little sexy hair goes a long way.



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