Vanilla Kink

These are most of the sexy things I like that fall a little out of the ordinary:

Getting spanked, swallowing, wearing a pearl necklace (or shirt, or skirt, or whatever–I mean, I just figured that was a nicer way than saying, “Getting came on,” but look, now you made me say it anyway), high-risk activities (e.g., in the outdoors, with a semi-chance of getting caught), getting my hair pulled (but not too hard), getting held down/wherever, and probably more things I can’t think of.

What counts as kinky, d’you think? Because I always thought the above activities were, if not totally vanilla, than not crazy-wild, but after talking to my friends about some of the tamer things, I was totally alone. So either I’m a totally bizarre slut or my friends are prudes, or they’re even kinkier and are lying to cover it up, or everyone on earth is a robot. Or something.

Today’s oversharing brought to you by Wild Hearts.


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