So I was telling someone about this blog (which I never do, because it’s disgusting and overly personal; like, “Friends, please learn about what I like in the bedroom!” No. But this guy was an exception because he’s a whole state away) and I said, “You probably don’t want to read it, because all I talk about are hairstyles and sex.” Which is totally not intentional, but is also totally true.

Today’s topic: HAIRSEX. Just kidding. No, it’s that I am waiting (waiting, waiting, waiting) for my hair to get long again. Like this:

Except mine, instead of being pale and straight, will be gray-gold and messy. But still.

I feel like I just have to sit around twiddling my thumbs, waiting. It takes so G.D. long to grow out. Just, like, BE LONG, HAIR!


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  1. The Guy Who Is A Whole State Away
    Nov 29, 2010 @ 21:26:40

    And here I thought you told me about this blog because I’m super special and you just want me to know what turns you on. I’m learning a lot… and liking what I’m learning.


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