I’m Naked…Er, Wearing Great Lingerie Under My Clothes

I love lingerie. Best of all, it goes hand-in-hand with loving clothes and loving sex. And you can never have too much of it, because come on, underwear are essential! (And so are thigh-highs. And stockings. And corsets. Obviously.) Seriously, though, I love me some lingerie. It’s the one thing I am always in the mood to shop for.

See? Look how excited the Victoria’s Secret Angels are! VS is one of my favorite places to shop for lingerie, primarily because they’re adorable (I just bought some red Cheekies) and also because they are crazy well-made. Plus, I just love the store. It’s so pink and colorful and cute. And I totally love the VS aesthetic–bronzed and sparkly and bouncy-haired and sexy, instead of some anorexic waif with seventeen pounds of black eyeliner glaring at the camera. Cheerful, happy people make wearing undies fun. Well, more fun.

Also, I am fully of the opinion that if you feel sexy underneath your clothes, you’ll feel sexier in general. Who cares if the world doesn’t know I’m wearing a gorgeous matching thong-and-bra set? I know, and it makes me feel more like taking my clothes off (not that I don’t usually). Plus, if you get hit by a car, at least your body will look smokin’ hot while it’s chilling on the pavement.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to put on a corset in case I step out in front of a cab.


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