Friday, the Sexiest Day of the Week

Oh, Friday, you beautiful sexy day, you, thanks for showing up!

Seriously, Friday is the best day. Well, Friday night. Because the week is over, and you have a whole glorious weekend stretching out ahead of you, but it’s not like Saturday night, where you know it’s Sunday the next day (and nobody likes Sundays). Clearly, this is why people drink on Friday: to celebrate the weekend FINALLY coming!

So. I officially declare today Weekend Celebration Day! Everybody grab a friend and a forty and get messy.

Unfortunately for my getting-messy priorities, I have a cash flow issue. The issue being, there is no cash flowing anywhere near me. Or my wallet. Or my bank account. Or even on the ground in front of me, so I could pick it up. But I am determined to make this a good Friday (ha) because finals are coming up, and everyone’s stressy and miserable and Adderal’d out.

The bigger question is, what to wear? Earlier I was wearing a plaid shirt under a beaded silver vest, and at first I felt really cool, and then after a while I was thinking to myself, “Wow, I look like a disco lumberjack.” That is the problem with my wardrobe. There is never anything in it that I want to be seen in. Maybe I’ll just wrap myself in a sheet and bring back the toga party.

Either way, excitement levels at having two whole days without Accounting (fuck you, numbers, fuck you very much) are high.


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