I Feel Like a Sex Kitten

I just read some thing in a magazine that asked, “When do you feel most sexy?” And that got me to thinking.

Mostly, I was thinking that Cosmo is seriously going to run out of ideas soon, because there is only so much sex shit in the world unless they start dabbling into weird Japanese stuff. But then my brain stopped going on a little vacation and got back to thinking about the sexy thing.

I wish I had a cool answer, like, “I feel sexy all the time,” (I kind of do, as long as I’m not a total mess, but not really sexy) or, “With a fresh face right after I wake up!” But no. My own personal sexy aesthetic is Playboy bunny-meets-girl-next-door. Not that I’m saying I actually look like that, but if I want to put in some effort that is the result I’m going for. Think smokey eyes, pink glossy lips, and tousled sex hair. Clothes-wise, I am partial to a t-shirt and really, really short shorts. And probably knee socks, because I feel so cute in them and the Guy likes them.

Cute + sexy = Barbie makeup. Don't judge me.


Basically, I feel sexiest when I look like a weird hybrid of cute and slutty. And when I wear garter belts and thigh-highs, because it is fucking impossible not to feel like a sex kitten in those. Don’t shower for three days and chop off all your hair and throw some on and you’ll still feel gorgeous. (Okay, maybe don’t actually do that.)

Or maybe, I’m just a tart. There is always that option.

Either way, who really gives a fuck, I guess, as long as it makes you feel frisky? Unless your “I-feel-sexy” outfit is a dirty trashbag decorated with tinsel. And then you might have trouble getting some.


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