Oh, St. Valentine, You Minx

It’s Valentine’s Day.

You know what that means, right? Tequila.

No, but seriously, who likes this day? Who? If you’re single, it obviously sucks. All these corny-ass couples are giving each other balloon bouquets and drooling on each other’s faces wherever you look. And if you’re one of those couples, you have to stress over giving an awesome gift and not accidentially blurting out, “This is a dumb holiday, and I slept with your brother.” (Who hasn’t been there?)

I’m no cynic. I love love. But shouldn’t you just be sweet to the person you’re with all the time, not just ’cause of a number on the calendar?

For some people, today really does mean something, though. And that’s sweet. For some of those sappy drooly couples, they’re not just doing it ’cause they feel guilty or because they want to get it in. It’s an excuse to be all romantic and shit, and they eat it up with a spoon and some heart-shaped sprinkles on top.

But for me? Forget the chocolate, forget the flowers, and definitely forget the creepy teddy bears that sing love songs. Just remember me–the other 364 days of the year.


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