The Attention Span of a Gnat

I have this little problem where I fall in love with things and adore them for weeks, and then I find something newer and shinier to love and forget all about the first thing. The problem is called “the attention span of a gnat.” (Gnats also get fixated on random things for a month and then ditch them too–what, you didn’t know that? Read a science textbook, seriously.)

I have been like this ever since I was little, when I went from wanting to be a waitress (such big dreams–I was a really ambitious kid) to wanting to be Leeloo from The Fifth Element to deciding that being a gladiator was more my style. This all happened in the course of one day.

And now that I’m at gladiator school with my orange chin-length bob, I’m doing some reflecting on this problem of mine. Oh, wait, nope, I forgot about all that stuff like five minutes later. And I forgot why I even wrote it just now. Oops, I think all of this was just a really elaborate and boring segue into telling the Internet People about my latest obsession: Skins.

Or, more accurately, Effy from Skins. If you watch it (and, dear God, I mean the English version, because the American one is so bad that I can’t even–I just can’t even) you might be like, “Why?” My answer is: her bitchin’ eye makeup and crazy clothes. I don’t know if English people actually dress like that (see the post before this one–I’m totes on a British bender today) and I don’t really care, because I’ve been busting out my craziest layers and black eyeliner with Effy as inspiration all week.

See that? That is some fierce day makeup. Other than that Effy basically just does lots of drugs and doesn’t really say anything, besides super-emo I-feel-nothing-I’m-so-cool shit. But that has no bearing on her awesome clothes (that’s what TV shows are all about, right?), so even if she gets hit by a bus in the next episode I watch, we’re cool.

Seriously, though, my gnat-attention disorder thingy better kick in soon, or else I’m going to go broke buying black eye shadow.



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