It Could Also Be Called “Ninety-Six”

I’m not sure if I already told you, People of the Internet, but despite all my sex-having ways I somehow always skipped out on the 69. But then the Guy introduced me to its wonders.

And oh. My. God.

Seriously, new theory: if a guy really likes to drive down Route Six-Nine, he is a good person. Because look at it this way: the average girl is bound to give her boyfriend head. It’s just a thing. But a guy who’s like, “You could give me a blowjob, or you could give me a blowjob while I go down on you…” I mean, is that even a question? Obviously, that dude’s a keeper.

Long story short, I’m a fan. Plus, sexy-time bonus, it works for any gender matchup, so everyone can get it on the fun. WHOOOOO road trip! (Get it? Down Route 69? Oh, nevermind.)


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