Cum On Over and Read This Post

I am afraid getting facials is bad for my skin.

Not a spa facial, obviously. Although if that were true it would be an amazing breakthrough and I could become famous. They would call me “The Dirty Scientist” and say, “She Uncovered the Truth, Which Is That Cleaning Your Face Is Bad For Your Face!” Actually, you know what, that sounds horrible. Why would I even create a fake fantasy life where I’m known as the Dirty Scientist? I really didn’t think this through.

Anyway, I meant the dirty kind of facial, obviously. (Also, I write about having people come on my face a lot. A lot more than is normal, probably. But the first step in knowing you have a problem is admitting you have a problem, right? [Side note–obviously my problem is that I talk about facials a lot; clearly my raging sex addiction is not a problem. Ask anyone.])

Back to the topic at hand, I was just mulling it over, and I wonder if cum is bad for your face. Based on the amount of facials I get (don’t ask me, it’s not like I have some secret diary under my mattress with “Cumshot Journal” on the cover…seriously, I totally don’t), I feel like it isn’t. Which means…could cum be good for your skin?

I read about some show where some psycho mom (coughMadonnacough) made her son give her like a tube of his jizz so she could use it as hand cream or something. Ignoring the highly disturbing content of that last sentence and refraining from any super-creepy puns, if that is true, I should have some youthful-ass skin.

To be honest, though, even if someone was like, “Don’t let anyone cum on you because it’s bad for you and you will get a cold or something,” I would still be like, “Yes please.” My friends were all, “WHY DO YOU LIKE THAT, IT’S DISGUSTING.” And my answer is, I have no idea. I bet if you asked a dude why he liked seeing girls covered in cum, he would have an equally vague answer. It either turns you on or it doesn’t. And believe me, it turns me on.

Oh and also I hope it’s good for my skin, just as an added benefit.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Cum Specialist
    Apr 24, 2011 @ 00:28:07

    Semen does contain a great deal of protein, which is supposed to tighten the skin and reduce wrinkles with liberal use, but there are also acids in the mix that would work against that age-defying effect. The internet (and science at large) seems inconclusive about it being extra good for you, but everyone seems to agree that it’s not bad. Plus, yeah, it’s sexy, and feeling sexy is always good for you.


  2. Tony
    Apr 25, 2011 @ 22:33:49

    My thought is it has to be good for your skin….the more you rub it all over, the better all around skin protection. I used to live in a co-ed house as a teen in London and a young red haired Irish lass would creep into my room every night and after using me to get her pleasure, would do the most fantastic things to me to get her facial or her protein shake, depending on her mood……I never once complained, and she used to give me the most wicked secret smile every day over breakfast…:)


  3. Kostas
    Apr 29, 2011 @ 18:31:44

    Haha, cool article, love your writing! It’s like you say, it either turns you on, or it doesn’t, facial alone can be the absolute turn-on to make you cum sometimes.


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