Girl of the Week: Daisy Lowe

Okay, I have a teeny-tiny confession to make: I don’t do a “Girl of the Week” thing on the Wild Hearts. If you’re a regular reader (ha! Regular readers? What are those!) you probably read that title and thought to yourself, “Oh, shut it. Stop trying to be cool and pretend you have features on your blog. You just ramble.” (Wow, did you really just think that? You’re kind of mean. Maybe you shouldn’t be so hard on me, and then I would do features!) Oops, this is spiraling out of control. What I’m trying to say is that if I did do a “Girl of the Week” column, I’d pick Daisy Lowe.

That’s her. If you’re not familiar, Daisy is a model-slash-one of those people who’s famous for being attractive and quirky. Her mother is Pearl Lowe, and her dad is that guy who’s married to Gwen Stefani, which is weird. But why am I writing about her, you ask? BECAUSE I LOVE GWEN STEFANI’S HUSBAND AND ANYTHING TO DO WITH HIM, OBVIOUSLY. Just kidding, that’s a lie. I don’t even know his name (although Wikipedia does).

No, I love Daisy Lowe because of her style, and the fact that she has an adorable British accent and is weird. I like weird people. When I was looking her up to find photos for this thrilling post, I found a spread in i-D magazine where she was posing, topless, with her then-boyfriend, and in like 96.8% of the pictures he was sucking on le nips. Not that I’m saying that’s so awesome, but it’s cool that she just doesn’t really care.

I mean, to be honest, I’ll probably like anybody with odd boho style and bangs, but Daisy Lowe has some extra sprinkling of cool dust. (Okay, I think it’s just the bangs. But still.)

Also, I like her versatility (and that, for a model, she’s not a bone). She can look all normal and cute, and then she can model for Agent Provocateur and it’s like a completely different person. But the whole time, she still seems like the same person. Does that make sense? I’m not sure. It was kind of hard to think of things to write in between photos, since this post was basically an excuse to be like, “Gahh! Look at Daisy Lowe! Don’t you love her clothes and her hair?” Anyway, that’s why Daisy Lowe got the prestigious “Girl of the Week” award! Yeah, whatever. Here’s another picture.


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. bedroomtails
    Jul 02, 2011 @ 12:40:02

    She’s so sexy isn’t she, she is the legs for the new Braun epilator advert too.
    OOFT x


  2. bedroomtails
    Jul 04, 2011 @ 05:59:26

    Yes, I’m british, and an epilator is like a shaver but it pulls the hairs out instead of cutting them off…
    They are really good, especially when on holiday, because they take longer to grow back 🙂


    • thewildhearts
      Jul 04, 2011 @ 15:05:30

      There are so many British phrases in this I just can’t even ahhhhh…”a shaver,” that’s so cute. “On holiday”…I can’t get over it.
      P.S., if you ever come to America, you will so get laid. Not by me, sorry, but as it turns out American guys love British accents just as much as us American girls do! My freshman year I was friends with a British girl and all she had to do was say, “Hullo,” and the U.S.A.-ers came running. Just a tip (but not just the tip). Haha 😛


  3. bedroomtails
    Jul 06, 2011 @ 08:44:01

    Haha funny you should say that, my dad lives in America and he’s a boyish cute looking chap, but he’s picked up the southern accent and it makes me cringe.
    I once went to meet him out in Florida and went to a bar and there was a revolving door that nearly pelted me, in which I proclaimed “WOAH watch out”
    Girls, guys and even old people then looked at me blank and crooned at my accent!
    What is it?
    I’m not even from LANDAN haha xx


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