The 90s Are Back…With (Scrunchie) Vengeance

So, something horrifying is happening: I’m witnessing the first so-old-it’s-new-again fashion revival of my lifetime.

You know what I mean. Stuff from the 80s has come back in style (read: neon colors, those weird jackets everybody seemed to wear back then, cocaine), and stuff from the 70s (stacked bangle bracelets, resort wear, platform shoes), and obviously a lot of stuff from before then is just classic and will always look good (a hat tip to you, Brigitte Bardot).

And if you’re thinking, well, fuck you, I don’t see anyone walking around wearing neon jackets and platform shoes, you either need to make more fashionable friends or crack a magazine. Also, obviously, the stuff that’s in style now isn’t straight-up out-of-the-80s-can; it’s just stuff that’s clearly influenced by those wacky decades past. Case and point.

Kreayshawn is one 80s-ass bitch.

But all of that stuff is before I was born, for the most part, so I was like, phew! I won’t have to see people walking around in overalls and weird floral prints with giant scrunchies in their wet-styled hair! The 90s won’t come back in style for a looooong time!

I was wrong.

The above picture is from Miu Miu’s Fall/Winter 2011 campaign, and it doesn’t really get more 90s than that. Strong-ass eyebrows, an unflattering coral lipstick, a dress with embroidered flowers and a hint of veleteen-ness, frizz-waved hair, and of course, that quilted bag.

I mean, whatever, fashion is nothing if not cyclical, so I guess the 90s had to rear their ugly head sometime. And I am totally on board with crop-tops and high-waisted stuff. But I swear to Baby Jesus, if I see someone wearing butterfly clips, I’m going to personally rip every single one out of their head.


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  1. eviebelin
    Jul 03, 2011 @ 15:45:52

    I am really happy to see late 90s style start slowly creeping in here and there. (Just had a comment convo about this the other day) I never liked much of the 80s aesthetic, and the parts I did like were not the ones that tended to get resurected. I’m not a fan of early 90s exactly.. I lump that in w 80s for the most part, and I always hated scrunchies.. but I’m ready for a slightly refined grunge look and the return of spice girl shoes and midriff. I saw an ad for opi nail polish the other day that was so blue I could smell 1999. 🙂


    • thewildhearts
      Jul 03, 2011 @ 22:28:43

      I loooooove showing midriff; I feel like if other girls can show off ten pounds of cleavage than a little stomach never hurt anyone. I just sat on my floor cutting like ten t-shirts into crop-tops. And I forgot about grunge, whoohooo! More plaid for everyone.


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