Hip Hip Hooray…For Belly Dancing

I have taken up belly dancing.

Okay, so I am not exactly a pro, and I am also not exactly taking classes. Or learning from a professional. Or anything that that sentence made you think. By “taken up belly dancing,” I mean I watch belly dancing “how-to” videos and YouTube and learn from there. Judge me a little more; it’s not like there are dance studios out here in the Middle of Nowhere, Canadia-America-Land.

Seriously, though, it’s really fun. The one thing I can’t do yet (well, fine, one of many things) is the belly roll, though, and that’s exactly what everyone thinks of when they think of belly dancing. So I kind of feel like a fraud, saying that I belly dance but I can’t do that. But I swear you need a little bit of a tummy to do that, because part of it involves pushing out my lower abs, and when I do it doesn’t look like anything is pushed out. Not that I’m complaining (and this isn’t bragplaining, I swear, just an observation), but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to do it.

Also, it makes me feel sexy (sexier, that is, because come on, people). And I already own belly dancing bracelets (not that I know how to use them yet; they just jingle around uselessly while I do other stuff), which make me feel cool and exotic and less white.

But you know how they say there are seven kinds of intelligence, or something? Like cooking intelligence, and color-coordinating intelligence, and knowing-the-brand-of-someone’s-perfume-with-one-smell intelligence (maybe–I’m not too clear on what the seven types are)? Well, if there is a dancing one, or a “body awareness” one, I don’t have it. I’m not a klutz or anything, but I just can’t learn dance routines. It’s really hard for me and I have to practice over and over and over before I remember the steps. That’s why I love belly dancing–for some reason, it’s way easier for me than other kinds of dance. I still suck way more than the average person and have to put in way more concentration, but it’s better for me.

Yeah, this is ballet. How many belly dancing pictures is one little blogger expected to find anyway? (Ew, I just called myself a blogger, gross.)

In short: go wrap a scarf around your hips and dance ’till you have less of them, because it’s super fun.


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  1. Painting the Roses Red
    Aug 02, 2011 @ 00:22:49

    “…make me feel cool and exotic and less white.” hahaha, that made me laugh. good luck with the belly dancing!


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