Skin-Tight Jeans and Veronica Lake

Did everyone else know about Veronica Lake, and how pretty she is (was)?

The insane stuffed cat thing in the corner is also pretty stunning.

I literally had never heard of her–maybe, like, once in passing, but I’d never seen her before–and that is kind of bonkers, considering I adore all the glamorous ladies of the black-and-white era (Bardot, Monroe, Kelly–you name ’em).

Seriously, though, there was a different class of woman back then. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a tart–I’m all for it, you slutty sluts you–but I kind of wish that old-school sexy was still considered “the” sexy. You know? I feel like if I bopped around dressed like Marilyn Monroe trying to get my sultry on, people would be all, “Where are your skin-tight low-rise jeans, fool?” And then I would change into them, because I also love skin-tight jeans.

So, upon reflection, the past was good, and now is good, and things are good. And Veronica Lake is pretty.


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