Want > Need

Right now, I am longing for…

…a bright red shirt with the Coca-Cola logo on it, fresh flowers to fill my room, a Jag, less split ends, a spa day, a tiny fuzzy pet to hug, tan suede wedges, slutty velvet dresses from American Apparel, a stable full of horses, summertime, more sushi from the place up the street, a plain tank top in every color of the rainbow but mostly black, and the motivation to work on my other blog.

Oh, shhh, I’m starting a personal blog! Kind of fashiony, kind of not, lots of pictures of my sexual self (but not sexual pictures, you little pervs)–you know the type. But tragically, none of you can ever see it since you read all my freaky-deaky thoughts and you know all my deep-dark secrets. So why am I telling you, you ask? Well, for no reason, I answer! Anyway, what are you longing for tonight?



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  1. livinginfairyland
    Mar 09, 2012 @ 02:31:42

    I’m longing for time to myself but I’m not going to get it. Nice outfit, by the way! I’ve never seen those things put together in quite that way – kind of catwoman meets farmer joe? (I really do like it)


    • thewildhearts
      Mar 09, 2012 @ 18:21:38

      Time to yourself! That’s a good one. Everyone can use some good solid alone time to lie around on the Internet eating chocolate bettering themselves. Nope, actually I meant the first thing–Internet and chocolate!
      And I agree that the outfit is so fun, but it is not my outfit…on the contrary, I am creating a complicated plan to fly to Sweden and rob her wardrobe.


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