Concerts and Art Projects and Sweaters, Oh My!

30 Seconds to Mars is touring in 2011. I want to see them. Except Jared Leto’s kind of a douche. A really, really good-looking douche, but still. The kind of douche you can’t wash off like in those Axe commercials. However, he makes some good music.

Also, I have been drawing a lot more lately. I kind of privately consider myself an artist–not because I’m good, ’cause I’m not, but because I make art (or try to, at least). And that makes me an artist, right? (Maybe not. But it sounds way better than painter-and-sketcher. Because that sounds like crap.)

Unrelated to any of this is a picture of someone dressed all fifties. Because I want to time-travel (okay, fine, I’m pretty sure this picture is fully from the here-and-now, so I want to teleport) and steal it.

Failing that (I’m a little busy to invent a teleporter this week), the knitting kind of reminds me of these super-cozy sweaters from Aerie. Which I am too college-student poor to buy, but *coughSantaIknowyouandyourelvestotallyreadthisblogalldaywhenyou’resupposedtobemakingnutcrackersandshitcough* would be a lovely giftie.

Honestly I just like to dress like a homeless person. The more ripped and cozy and tattered, the better. Also, people will give me money on the street, and then I can use it to buy more homeless-people clothes. Win-win!