Vanilla Kink

These are most of the sexy things I like that fall a little out of the ordinary:

Getting spanked, swallowing, wearing a pearl necklace (or shirt, or skirt, or whatever–I mean, I just figured that was a nicer way than saying, “Getting came on,” but look, now you made me say it anyway), high-risk activities (e.g., in the outdoors, with a semi-chance of getting caught), getting my hair pulled (but not too hard), getting held down/wherever, and probably more things I can’t think of.

What counts as kinky, d’you think? Because I always thought the above activities were, if not totally vanilla, than not crazy-wild, but after talking to my friends about some of the tamer things, I was totally alone. So either I’m a totally bizarre slut or my friends are prudes, or they’re even kinkier and are lying to cover it up, or everyone on earth is a robot. Or something.

Today’s oversharing brought to you by Wild Hearts.


Sucking Awesome

Some things that suck, in no particular order, include…

hiccups, forgetting people’s birthdays, wakes (why why why do they exist?), wet socks, bad kissers, lies that both people know aren’t true but pretend to believe, lies in general, frizzy hair, bad moods, tapioca pudding, and towels that don’t get you dry.

Some things that are awesome, in no particular order, include…

cozy hugs, growing your own sunflowers, music, good kissers, flannel shirts, cooking dinner for other people without burning it, outdoor concerts, beautiful words that are true, things that last, and hand-me-down gifts.